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Disable php engine in a specific directory

Hi, there! I want to disable php engine in a specific directory. This should help me to protect the public directory(It's a directory, where users may upload their files). I've used htaccess and php_value to do this earlier, but now it's impossible. So I tried add the option:

engine = 0

to my php.ini in the www directory (of course, it's not my target directory, only for testing it) and it wasn't worked

Is there any way to solve this?

Advocate VII

Hi @Vladislav,


If you are on a shared hosting plan this might be a bit difficult or not allowed.  Shared hosting restricts some php functions and directives.  This may be one of them.  So, 1st check is on hosting plan!  I'm pretty sure that you could do this on a virtual/dedicated plan.


Valid concern on file uploads!




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