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Does the Wordpress and Business Hosting Plans Support Video Sharing by Emebeding?

Hello Godday Team.


This is Ephrem. I would like to buy one of your hosting plan for my video sharing website. But All my videos will be uploaded to youtube, so I can embed them on my website to prevent spending more bandwidth. So I would love to hear that if you support embed video sharing site on your WordPress and Business Hosting plans. Smiley Happy


Ephrem Firew Asrat
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Hi @technologian,

I don't see why not, but you may be best discussing with support the scale of your plan, as video sharing sites can be pretty demanding on resources. 

The type of site you use will affect performance too............

As I said, a quick chat with support will put you on the right track.

Thanks for your guidance. I will be looking to get the exact answer from GoDaddy Live Chat. 🙂

Ephrem Firew Asrat