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Domain disappeared yesterday

Our site was working just fine, but all of a sudden yesterday I can't connect to the FTP server and the site won't launch. It is obviously a DNS issue but how could that happen? How do I get the site back up? It seems to be routing to another dns or giving a 503 error. Sometimes it is the pageok text.


Also is says to launch the site, but the site it live. What are all these issue and why won't my site resolve?

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Thank you. So this isn't my problem?  It is a GoDaddy server issue? That's pretty bad, since it's been almost 12 hours like this.

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Hi @jm28,


You would be best contacting support direct, either by live chat, or phone. This type of error would be fixed asp, but to have an estimated time you would be best speaking with support.


best regards.