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ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE How to fix this issue

Hello, I have been facing this issue almost daily for 5-6 hours, the error shows ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. I read the previous forums, but can't find a way to solve it. Any help would be appreciated as am losing user due to this error. I have checked all my application request method as well as my backend method, all making the right calls. 
My main concern is IS THIS GODADDY PROBLEM OR MY APPLICATION PROBLEM, if its godaddy am happy to move my hosting from godaddy asap.

Please help. Thanks

Community Team
Community Team

Where exactly are you seeing this error message, and what type of hosting are you using?  If you

re comfortable providing your domain name, perhaps a community member will be able to provide you with some suggestions on how to proceed.  If you're not comfortable sharing the domain, I'd suggest contacting our live support teams for further assistance in getting this resolved.  Thanks.



I have already contacted your live support 5 times in last week only. They always make some excuse, worst possible service provided by you guys. Am transferring all my domains and hosting to Aws.

same problem no support at all..