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Enabling Caching Methods

Hello Users!


Pretty new to GoDaddy and their webhosting. I currently have a web forum but the website is running unusually slow compared to other websites using the same setup. Was looking at some of the available caching methods and was curious if GoDaddy has any features built into it for Caching and how I go about enabling them for my website.


The website forums I use is IPBoard (invisionpower) and they give you options of APC, Memcached, redis,WinCache, and XCache as options but all are grayed out unable to use because the extension must be installed on  the server.


Anyone have experience with these caching methods and would they help increase the speed of my website? How do I go about activating the caching method?




Hi @Bramey351, thanks for posting.

APC is enabled by default for any of our Linux based hosting plans, including cPanel hosting.

If you are using a Plesk hosting plan, APC wouldn't be available.

Wincache is enabled on Plesk based hosting plans.

I'm not familiar with the other options you mentioned, but if they require something to be installed/enabled on the server level, they would likely not be available.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

Thank you @GaryA for your response!


I've contacted the software provider. They state that I need to enable the WinCache on my server in order to use WinCache. Now I know Wincache is enabled on the server, but do I need to enter anything into my PHP Coding or the directories where the PHP Coding is in order for it to be enabled? If so, do you know where I enter it? I saw on the GoDaddy Support Page but I do not have a Php5.ini file. So I'm a little puzzled.



Hi @Bramey351, sorry for the delay in following up.

You should be able to use the steps in that article. If you do not have a php5.ini/php.ini file on your hosting plan, you can create one. It is a plain text file that you would add the necessary lines to, and then place in the root directory of your hosting plan.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

Hi Gary, 


What if you have Plex Panel and you're on Linux. Is it still Wincache?


I do not see a php5.ini file anywhere in my server directory. Should I just create it and add this:


wincache.ocenabled = 1


Best Regards,

Chuck R.