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Every day I receive a message that my server went down

I have a shared hosting web-site and after GoDaddy applied a patch about 3 weeks ago I receive email messages that my server went down in the middle of the night. The funny thing is that the time stamp of the message that the server is "up again" is before the time stamp of the message "the server needs fixing" A call to customer support after 1 hour wait time was not helpful. Here is last night example:

- At 11:07 Your services are no longer down. (In this case SMTP)

- At 11:26 One or more services are down on your server (In this case SMTP)


In total I received 8 down emails in the time range of 11:26 PM to 12:49 AM and 7 server up messages at 11:07 PM. On of the messages is that the server was actual down. The SSH uptime command shows that the server was not down at all.


I don't even know if my server was really down. I believe this is n issue with GoDaddys new server monitoring system. I wonder if they can look into what is going on.




Hi @tswidler,


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Were you able to get your issue resolved with GoDaddy Customer Support? The users in this Community forum have no access to GoDaddy's internal server testing tools or your specific hosting plan. Your best option is to contact the Hosting Support team when your hosting server appears to be down. That way they can scan in real-time and review any reported outages. 



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No and I have no cycles as they said they have no access to the logs. Again my site was up an never down. I will disable all fabulous server monitoring tracking tools at GoDaddy.

After disabling all godaddy server monitoring I still receive now only two daily email messages from GoDaddy. The idiocy is that I received a email message that my server is up again with time stamp before the one email message stating that my server was down."Kari, there's a server issue you need to fix." at 11:25 PM last night and "Your server is back up, Kari." at 11:11 PM last night. Go figure! Just to be clear the uptime command shows now downtime at all.

Looks like Godaddy still does nothing to check these erroneous emails. I just received one now saying my sever is down and my server is live and happy!