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Getting Started

Expression Web Created Website ... Looking to move to Go Daddy from another host?

I've been hosted for the last 18 years with the same host, but suddenly they began charging me 4 time the amount per month, saying the platform I was on is old and no longer safe so I would have to transfer, but wouldn't tell me how and said they could migrate my sites but it would cost me from 3000 to 5000.00 for them to do it.  Well, that's out of the question so I'm seeking a new host.

I created my websites in Web Expressions and am looking for a site that I can simply upload to and then download into Web Expressions when I need to make changes.  All my domain names are hosted with Godaddy, so thought I'd try them first.  I'm very untechnical and no nothing about hosting and servers and code and such.  I'm strictly a designer and Expression web allowed me to design in a What You See is What you Get environment with no coding needed.  I need to continue this...

Any help setting up such hosting over here at GoDaddy available??

Getting Started

OK, answering my own host.  Thanks to a friendly Godaddy help line fellow, I found the answer.  I've signed up for a Windows platform shared hosting site and it looks like it's going to well fit my needs.  I've already uploaded my 1st site and then downloaded it into Expression web to make some WYSIWYG changes and successfully save them.  Look like it's going to work and at a better price.  Thanks GoDaddy!