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FTP Server error message when connecting to hosting

Hi, I have a slight problem , but I'm new to hosting, I have a website design on muse which I need to Connect to Ftp Server, I have bought the domain, but I'm not sure if I have done everything right.

I keep getting {Server not responding in time. FTP may not be supported on this server [Connection timed out after 15008 milliseconds].}. I would really appreciate if someone could help out please.

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Well, if you aren't reaching the server via FTP the most likely problem is that you have the host address wrong. Anything else would most likely result in a different error message.

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Hi @Zanearmo,

sorry if this seems pedantic but you mention buying the domain, but no mention of any hosting package to go with it. 

Godaddy servers are FTP servers by the way. So there should be no concerns there. I have in the past built sites with Muse and found it to be excellent and no trouble at all with godaddy servers and hosting.

As @SiteGeek has mentioned, your site settings in Muse are critically important that they are configured correctly. There is some excellent online help that can be accessed directly from the muse application or for more detailed help, from adobe creative cloud free videos and tutorials. 

As an extra precaution, check on your hosting control panel that FTP is enabled.



I'm new to Windows hosting. I've tried to connect to my hosting account to punish my website using Microsoft expression web editor but I get a connection error message saying connection error503 now I've tried to use filezilla still I get a message 'connection error,inactive for 20 seconds' . Pls how do I overcome this and publish my website.