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Finished signing up for cPanel but not getting the instructions on email

Hi All,


I've just purchased a domain with one month hosting and cPanel access. I finished signing up for the cPanel and on the final page it says, "You'll get an email soon with login instructions for your new cPanel account." (screenshot attached) but I never received the email. I've checked all my email folders (Inbox, spam, trash...). Please help!





Dear sir, I have already paid for my domain for one year with godaddy. You have given me the customer number as [removed] and so far I have not getting an email from you. Please help me.

Hi, @mohanfernando98 and @anilkpthakur. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community!


It sounds like you may still need to set up your cPanel account. If so, you can use the steps in this article to get started. If you have already set up the cPanel account, you should be able to access it from within your GoDaddy account or by visiting your website and including /cPanel at the end of your URL (i.e. From there you would log in with the username and password you chose when you set up the account. Hope that helps!


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

I have the same issue and i didn't receive email till now from 9 October 2016  and when i try to log in to my cpanel ( ) i don't found it jusi 404 Not found appears 

 I try to setup it more and i have the same message 

(Your work is done! We’ve got what we need to finish. You'll get an email soon with login instructions for your new cPanel account. )

Everytime i try to set i got the same result 


my host is Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel 



Same issue with me and hopes yet. Please help.

I encounter the same problem here, after I purchased a new hosting service and move my domain from earlier hosting account (also from Did try to create cpanel few times but never receive email of notification & even i go to, the browser show me error404. And still connect to content in previous hosting account (when i browse to it will shows website stored in previous hosting account). Can somebody give me some guide to settle this issue? tqvm


I had the same issue, I moved over from site builder to cpanel. You have to cancel the account on site builder under my products and then wait about an hour or two. Once you wait, try it again and you should be able to create the account fine. 

Been searching the website for two hours+. Cannot find instructions on how to get emails from contact us form. Am i missing something here?


I have the same issue, please help me solve this issue.


Thank you.


Exactly the same problem. Signed up for cPanel hosting plan and have not received instructions to finish setting it up.