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Forbidden 403 Error - New WordPress site



I purchased my domain name from GoDaddy last month with the intention of moving it over to another host. I decided to buy hosting from GoDaddy today as I didn't want to wait 60 days to transfer. 


I *tried* setting it up today but keep getting Forbidden 403 Error when I go to WP-admin as well as when  I type my domain in -

I have tried different browsers, switching my modem on and off, clearing caches etc with no luck. 

I even called the 24x7 support line and was told that the website is showing up on their end and they weren't able to assist me further. 


I have looked through the threads and have not found anything to help thus far. Thanks!

Super User I

The default WordPress theme is displaying for me as well...  If it were the site or the server, I would get the same error you are receiving.


What URL are you trying to access @hellosarahlou?  If you are trying to access an incorrect URL the 403 forbidden error may display due to permissions/or security reasons.  When I go directly to /wp-admin the page redirects, without error, to the default WordPress login page.


Go to /wp-login.php and see if the same happens...


HTH! Smiley Wink



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