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Getting the message ":An unexpected error occurred." when trying to manage my web hosting products

1. I am getting the message ":An unexpected error occurred." when I am trying to manage my web hosting products. I tried Options, Manage and Manage All, with the same results.


2. On top of that, since a couple of days ago I cannot send e-mails from my Outlook 2007, although I can receive e-mails without a problem. I am getting error "0x8004210B: operation timed out for a response from SMTP server". I can send and receive from C-Panel, but Outlook is more convenient for me to use. This problem is also occurring with the other e-mail accounts our company has set as part of the hosting package, and it is affecting our communications with our customers.


I tried the on-line assistance but Chat is off, and I waited 15 minutes on hold on an international call. Please help us solve this problem as soon as possible.

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It sounds as if there may be a server setup issue on your account. The only real thing you can do is contact phone support if chat is down in this case. 


One thing you may want to try before you call back in is to clear your browser cache or try accessing the products through an incognito/private window. Could be something as simple as that but it doesn't sound like it. 

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