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GoDaddy customer's website spamming me with emails and texts.

Hi everyone,

Been getting spammed for 8 years and sick of it...


I made a website for a client 8 years ago. Their site has a feedback and contact form, and they took a backup of the website before the last set of changes (change my email/phone in php contact form to theirs) and reuploaded that version.


Emails are obviously marked as spam and they've been going to my junk mail for quite a while, but I can't stand the 10-30 text messages I get daily because the text was being sent via {phonenumber} I can't block the phone numbers because that method of email/text keeps changing the sender's numbers from 252-001 through 253-999 and beyond.


I've used the godaddy's spam reporting page, filed complaints maybe 6 times with no response. Called in to see if there are any options and the only reply I got was they are not allowed to touch the person's website codes. Even if it's to remove my private email and phone.


I've talked to the client several times throughout the years and they said they'd have their devs remove it but never did and I've lost their number since then.


Is legal the only option I have at this point if godaddy can't help me?

GoDaddy Pro Trusted Advisor
GoDaddy Pro Trusted Advisor

Re: GoDaddy customer's website spamming me with emails and texts.

Hey there @Dev4,


Unfortunately, if you don't have the ability to verify into their account, a GoDaddy CSR cannot go in there for you. Number one, it's unethical. Number two, they would get fired. 


If the owner of the site is not willing to change it, legal action would seem to be your only recourse. I would speak with a lawyer about it if they don't comply within a given amount of time. Let the owner know your intention, give them the time, then start consulting legal options.


FYI, I am NOT a lawyer, so take that advice with a grain of salt and contact a lawyer to discuss the situation.

Best Regards,


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