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GoDaddy is blocking port 80 and 443 from one of my public IP Address



I am having some connection issues from one of our Public IP Address, we can´t connect through http (port 80) or https (port 443) from one IP Addres to our website hosted in GoDaddy.


I have made some port scan with nmap ( 80, 443 , 22 ) and the ports 80, 443 responds as filtered, but port 22 respond as open, so there is no problem with my ISP.

I haved talked with various support guys but it seems that they don´t know about TCP protocols.


This trouble was resolved two weeks ago by GoDaddy Support, but the support didnt´ tell us what was the solution, about two days ago the problem appeared again.


Please help us 😞 


Helper VI

@Freddy007 what hosting plan do you use? A shared hosting or a dedicated (vps or cloudserver)?

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