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Godaddy Started charging me for my free website hosting with no notification or consent

I registered my domain my with Godaddy along time ago and it included free website hosting. Earlier this month without informing me I would be charged for economy linux hosting. I was charged 450 Euros. The maximum price I could find on the website for 5 years!!! The longest I renew domains for is 2 years. 


1. No notification of the changes to the product that I signed up for.

2. No consent to charge my card for a new product.

3. No consent from me  for the renewal term.


Godaddy is losing it if it think it can commit credit card fraud like. I mean who sat around convincing themselves they could do this without even a phone call...?

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Super User III

Re: Godaddy Started charging me for my free website hosting with no notification or consent

Hey there, @RossA987!


Unfortunately, there's not a lot we're going to be able to help you with here on the boards in regards to this issue. Most of us are volunteers and we don't have access to account management features on the backend. You will need to contact phone support or live chat to get this resolved. (Links at top of page for contact info.) 

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Re: Godaddy Started charging me for my free website hosting with no notification or consent

Hi @RossA987,


We're sorry to hear if you were misinformed concerning your account. Please see our Terms of Service for all concerns about "billing permissions" you have provided in the account. Any products provided free with another purchase, or purchased with an introductory offer, will be billed at the regular price upon renewal.


Multiple emails get sent alerting you to upcoming expirations and renewals, as we don't want our customers to suffer unintentional loss of their products or services in the account. Please be sure to check that the email address on the account is valid, "" is listed as a preferred sender in that email plan, and check your spam folders for emails that may have been filtered out. 


Finally, if there are unexpected auto-renewals on your products, you can remove that feature anytime using these instructions. And refunds are available on most products. Please contact customer support so they can review the renewals and refund options with you. They can also answer any questions you have about domain renewal terms and hosting terms available.






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