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Help Please

I really dislike spending too much time learning the technical aspect of web design & created mine using Adobe Muse. I’ve had no problem uploading to Adobe server in the past however I have now found a new site to host my website & I am now having trouble launching it.

Domain name:
I’ve uploaded my files to the public_html folder & the website becomes viewable if I enter
However if I fail to enter the /index.html the website becomes unreachable with the default message “Coming Soon”
I’ve tried redirecting from to but nothing seems to happen.
I fail to understand why I can’t view the site, is it because the file name index.html is incorrect?


Try saving the file in .php extension. Works flawlessly.

If that didn't work. Try changing the path of the website.

you can refer to this article for setting the default paths -

Thanks, I tried your method & didn’t work either I even added 2 index pages with different file extensions. So anyway I spoke to GoDaddy support staff.
Joy told me to “wait 48hours as it needs to circulate through the internet”. I told her that & can actually be viewed & the problem is my Index page doesn’t hold priority over GoDaddy index page, I told her that GoDaddy should automatically recognize there is an index page in the Public_html folder and assign priority to it. However, she reinsured me that it is a circulation issue.