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Help with forwarding a domain

I previously used ipage and had to stop using them as  for some reason they said another  organisation could not forward a domain to my own hosted domain as it was  tld extension their server didn't like.  The extension is    ******    This domain is not  owned by me  but I wish to allow it to forwarded to a domain I do own and is now hosted with godaddy.


When I  signed up for the host pack  the go daddy chat rep  said that go daddy could host the domain and that all I needed to do was tell the other organisation the ip address for my account.     I did this today and the  other domain is now reaching go daddy but is not connecting to the domain it just showing a generic holding page.


I realised I had missed something as how could the  other domain know which set of files to point to  if all it had was an IP address , as this IP address is the address for my whole account so there are lots of  domains there.  


Any ideas how to fix this, I'm  maybe not using the correct terminology (as go daddy rep said to me  earlier) but hopefully you  understand what I mean  - any help would be greatly appreciated.




Helper VI



Tell the other organization to add a cname to that domain and have that cname point to the domain that you own

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @