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Hosting Crashed- need to move FTP but can't access files

I have a 10-year-old Linux Hosting plan with 16 domains on it. It has melted/crashed/ceased to be and none of my websites are loading (for longer than a few seconds if at all).


I bought a new Business CPanel Hosting through GoDaddy but I can't even access my FTP long enough to download the files to make the transfer.


I've talked to GoDaddy support a few times but keep getting "Oh this is weird, but I can fix it... Nope that didn't work, let me try this.... Nope that didn't work. Well, here another idea you should go try on your own."


The bottom line is I can't access the files through FTP. Is there any other way to get them? Any software or service out there than can extract them from the website for me?


Hi @youhave2guess, thanks for posting.

Without knowing the exact errors you are seeing, it's hard to say what the issue might be. I suggest trying a different FTP client to access your hosting plan, or to try from another computer/network.

If you continue to have trouble, you will want to continue working with Support. Members of the Community would not have access to your account to test issues specific to your account.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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