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Hosting Data Center Migration problem


I requested for Hosting Data Center Migration from Asia to Europe (pay money for this), wait for 4 days - nothing was done, contact with customer support by phone (wait and explain situation for 40 minutes), they agreed that there is some problem and they will solve it (Incident ID: ************) - ok, I agreed to wait. Next morning I receive an email: "Congratulations! has migrated from the Asia Data Center to our center in Europe. Your new IP address is"

Everything looks good except that IP is located in Arizona!!!! How it could be? I don't want spend next 40 minutes of my time trying to contact to Support center.




Hey @viv1981


First let me say welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


If you're looking at who owns the IP address in a general lookup, then the ownership is going to report it located in Arizona as that is where our business was originally founded. All IP's owned by us will appear originating from Arizona regardless of the actual location of the server's data center. 


Unfortunately, I can't look up or discuss the details of your Incident ID as this is a public discussion forum, but if you need further verification of where your hosting plan should be located then you're more than welcome to reach out to our live support. Our hosting team will be more than happy to help confirm that information for you. 


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