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Hosting Multiple Websites


I am in the process of moving my webhosting to GoDaddy and have multiple websites that I would like to host. When setting up, I was asked for a domain (i.e. which appears to have become the default website url. Thus, I need to type in order to get to the website.


Having spent a good hour searching GoDaddy Help, I cannot find any practical reply to how to alter this. Does anyone have any specific steps to fix? Both my domains and hosting is on GoDaddy.



Former Employee

Re: Hosting Multiple Websites

So it sounds like when you uploaded your sites to your hosting you uploaded that primary website to it's own folder, which would force you to type in you pretty much made a directory unintentionally. If this is cPanel, the primary domain website content gets uploaded to the "public_html" folder. If this is Plesk hosting then same idea but the "httpdocs" folder. If this is classic hosting then the "webroot" or root folder also known as "/". If you still have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 hosting department for further clarification. Hopefully this helps!