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Hosting multiple sites with linux hosting

Dont buy this plan if you just know about graphics and do not have technical knowledge about websites.

I hav around 8 websites but m not a professional web designer. 


Linux hosting with premium plan allows you to make just one website with wordpress.....

other websites you will hav to design wherever you want , they will just host it..


nonprofessional web designers dont buy this plan 


Hi @proddy!


Thank you for posting. I'm not sure what you mean. You can host multiple WordPress sites on our Linux plans. If you're having trouble doing that, you may want to reach out to our support team for guidance.

Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I am Planning to buy linux hosting deluxe for my wordpress sites . I just want to know is it possible to host more then one wordpress website on one hosting server (By your comment it seems possible). If yes then Are there any limitations like number of wordpress websites I can host simultaneously, could wordpress site use diffrent versions of wordpress and are there any other limitations ? . Could you please refer to me to any good tutorial for hosting multiple wordpress websites?

Hello @karan23!


You can host as many sites as your system can handle (and that's really up to a great deal of factors). You can see the details of the hosting plan you are purchasing.


This is the Linux hosting plan, if you are looking for a managed WordPress solution, the most you can create is 5 websites using the "Developer" plan. I'm not sure where to find a tutorial but send me a message if you have issues running it! I'm actually working on a couple WordPress websites right now and would love to help with anything I can.

I have one online wordpress website and my hosting plan is linux and I want to host another wordpress site could you please tell me how to ?



I have  not  been able to add a domains to ultimate c panel hosting.  It comes only as subdomain. e.g. where and  are different websites. Basically i  want two things:

i. migrate existing websites  to the c panel hosting.

ii. add new domains to the c panel.

i could only replace the primary domain  or as as a sub domain. How could i resolve this issue to have  independent multiple websites? Wouldn't i need a separate IP address for each?

Helper V

Do you have a question? If so then what is it? I don't see a question.

Helper II

These plans relate to hosting only.


Sounds like you have questions about site design, so good to keep in mind...


Site Hosting + Site Design == Two different beasts.



Abdo23, Google Translate translates هلو as "peach" so we do not understand; I sure don't.

Instead of posting to an existing question, try creating a new question.


Generally speaking, I think you can install WordPress into multiple domains. The advantage of a managed WordPress account is that there are many things that GoDaddy does for you; even if you install WordPress yourself, there are administration details that can affect things like efficiency. And you need to do upgrades yourself if you do the initial installation. Also, if you want to install WordPress yourself then you need to spend time reading and learning.