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Hosting server upload size error



I hope all is well. 


I have an online file sharing website and I was trying to upload a file that is too large, 3Gb. 


Now when I upload it, the upload stops at 140Mbs why is that so? I changed my max file size to 20GB and I still face the same issue. 


Please help.

Helper V

Use FTP Client - FileZilla and it must work.


And I suggest don't store backups of more than 1 GB

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Hi Harry, 


Sorry maybe I was not clear with my issue. 


I meant that since I have an online file sharing website, if I try to upload a file to send it to someone it stops at 140mbs (if file is 3GB). My max file upload is 32M, how can I change it to more?


My website is, have a visit to understand my issue. 


Best regards,


Call up Godaddy hosting support. They'll tell you what's going on.


Their hosting team places limitations to better secure your website. If you're using shared hosting, you can't really complain, especially since other people's websites is also on that shared space.


The only way I see you're going to be able to remove that restriction is to get a VPS.


I've spoken with numerous GoDaddy employees, & they've told me you often need to upgrade your shared hosting plan to VPS especially with file sharing sites.


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Thanks for your support but the maximum VPS size i can buy is 240Gb , what if I i need more than that any idea how?


Best regards, 


If you need a larger server, you'll need to start looking into the dedicated or cloud servers. I've spoken with GoDaddy employees about this before & they've told me some of their top customers combine servers they've bought. If your business gets really big, you could probably work out a special deal with GoDaddy. For now, just focus on getting your business rolling. I've checked your website.

Getting Started

Hi All, 


Am I able to link my AWS server with my godaddy's hosting server so I can have a large server? If i can, may you please explain how?


Best regards,