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Hosting web site on my server

I have a home domain server and want to be able to use this rather than third party managed (site builders) etc. If I purchase a domain name from GoDaddy am I able to direct traffic to my own servers ?

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Hi @martindjones,


Yes you can as long as you have set up your home server correctly. You need a qualified domain name, you then forward your domain to your server. Unless you have done your homework regarding the setup of your server, this won't work out-of-the-box.


It does indeed also count what exactly you count as a home server? A real server, properly set up, no problem. 

Helper VI

You need to forward your domain to your home public IP and you need to configure your router to forward your port 80 to your server. (And port 443 if you have https)
~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @