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Hosting with GoDaddy and Domain with Other Company; DNS management; Website Not visible.

I have registered domain name with another company.  And now just bought Windows Hosting with Godaddy.


I can't find enough detail info to point my domain to this hosting account.


I found the DNS management info for my domain, I changed the Name Servers with my domain name company's settings. But still my website is not visible.

In CNAME record, if I put Name [www] and Value [@], it showing me error that "please provide fqdn".


How to change these records, where is detailed info?


The chat is also unavailable for long time.


Can anybody PLEASE help me to get my website up and running on this hosting?



I have had this exact same problem for 8 days, its not the first time i have seen it.


Even after contacting support and explaining i had forwarded the nameservers and was not seeing DNS for the site/domain.  I was told it was the hosting co where i set the nameservers that pointed to godaddy's problem??

 I was in a chat for over one hour trying to explain to the tech that once i forward nameservers the DNS is 100% in godaddys hands. 


I explained a scenario.... how do i add MX records etc if I have no DNS ? I asked this question over and over. 

I have been given 5 sets of nameservers 4 IP's one demo account, and still NO DNS ? or sites for that matter............


The last NS's I was given


I was pretty much told its the default ones to use but its up to you (i was told it should sort its self out in  under 48hrs) the same tech was the one who told me DNS's are not under godaddys control  AFTER forwarding nameservers to GODADDY ???


i was told to use these two days prior >>>>


good luck


Hello @abhisheklyrics!

First ensure that you have the proper nameservers. Check Find your website's nameservers on how to locate them for Windows Plesk hosted domains. If those are correct then you'd next want to review the DNS settings for accuracy and Configuring DNS for Your Plesk Domain can help you with that. 


@mallchick, hello to you as well! I hope that everything was sorted out and that your site is displaying online now. Smiley Very Happy


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