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How Do I Import a SQL Database from GoDaddy Linux Deluxe to GoDaddy Linux Ulitmate with CPanel?

I switched from GD Linux Deluxe Web Hosting to GoDaddy Linux Ultimate with CPanel.

I have my backup SQL Database and my XML file. I know how to handle the XML.


I have two questions.


#1: I need more detailed instructions on how to import my SQL Database.

#2: Also, do I import FIRST, then install WP or vice versa?


I can only seem to find brief snippets on help pages that lead me to another page, then another page, then another page.


Hello @futuremrsvines!


Welcome to the community! First, you can use the steps here to import your database: It would be better if you installed Wordpress first before importing your database so it doesn't get overwritten.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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