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How can Godaddy value my domain?

The first question one has to ask is 'How much is your domain worth'. The easiest, and in my opinion the most accurate means of doing this, is to click on your name bringing up the dashboard and select 'manage my domains'. Then click on the domain(s) that you would like to be valued, using the tick box, highlighting the upper toolbar. Click on monetize icon, bringing down a menu, and select 'get domain appraisal'. This will initiate the valuation process which can take a few minutes. Hopefully, after a small wait, you will be rewarded with a printable certificate displaying Godaddys' appraisal of your domain

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Hello @Betsweet


Yes, sure you can do all that, but you can also use some other tools...






And so much more...


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The appraisal tool seems to have been retired.

No communication about that. I can still see the option "Domain Appraisal" in my products section but when I click on it, I'm directed to the domain management page and there isn't any option I can see for any sort of domain appraisal. Looks like it's really gone. 


Other resources we can also use are:

they allow 1 or 3 free valuations per day.