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How can i hide sitemap.xml from public view in godaddy



I am having Pro Managed Wordpress hosting in GoDaddy.


I want to hide my sitemap from public access. 

For example, my sitemap files are at:


I want to hide these URLs from public viewing but it should be available to Google and should be indexed. Robots.txt should also allow the crawling. 


How can I achieve this?

Please suggest. 



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Hi @joshibhargav_20,

read following (src stackexchange)



I don't see why a structure of a site could cause you issues with a competitor?

The point of the sitemap is to have the pages indexed, so people can find them easier, which does, to a point, has to reveal how your site is organized such as:

  • /news/ contains your Articles of news
  • /forum/ is where all of the forum discussions are

Those will be indexable, to gain more traffic and present information.

The folders which you don't want to have index is like

  • PHP classes and functions that allow a site to work
  • Site images, CSS, JavaScript folders
  • Administration Panel

Then, if that is the case, then those shouldn't be in your sitemap at all. Plus you can exclude those from the indexing also.