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How can i move my domain to the upgraded hosting plan?


Yesterday i received an email saying "Your hosting account is approaching or exceeding its resources limits" ,so i talked to GoDaddy team in the chat and i bought a economy hosting plan as he recommended. The he asked me if i wanted to migration to be done by an expert which would $99 but i could not pay that so he instructed step by step on how to do it however at the end i am not sure what to do  i have backed up my files and everything and upload to my new hosting plan , He created a sub domain where my new hosting is. how can i change that to when i want to change it says no domain available and what should i do? if google index all the sub domain files i will be penalized please help

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Hi @tomzpot,

What type of site and hosting do you have? The reason I ask is that I don't understand why a sub domain was needed?!

In cPanel you would simply go to 'manage hosting' find the 'upgrade' tab and follow instructions and options:


If you were reaching the resource limits of your hosting, then adding a sub domain certainly wouldn't help as this just takes up more resources from your hosting plan! Normally, and that's why I am puzzled as to why add a sub domain?