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How do I disable SSH?

I recently removed the GoDaddy SSL certificate from my site due to it's upcoming expiration. It's was a five year old cert., so I imagine I've been on an older hosting platform for quite a while. I mention the cert., as after I removed it my site went offline for a few hours. After a phone call to support, I was told I was being upgraded to a new server and it would be back at some point within the next couple of days. Thankfully, it was back and all was well within a couple hours.


However, the unexpected upgrade has put me on a server that has SSH access enabled and I am unable to disable it. I am warned about having "Old Value Applications" in my account (GoDaddy control panel -> SSH).


I made an assumption that the one (1) application I have (WordPress) was the "Old Value Application". I just uninstalled it and attempted to enable and disable SSH via the control panel again. It is marked as disabled but I can connect. I can enable it and still connect. I can disable it and...wait for it...I can still connect.


How do I get SSH disabled?


Thanks for any help!

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Re: How do I disable SSH?

Hi @cpuhack,


Simply delete your keys on the server and on your laptop, or rekey them. The keys don't match because basically your IP address has changed (new server).


SSH is not the fault and with Wordpress you will probably need it for SFTP uploads (which is why it's come as enabled), you would be advised to delete the old keys and create new ones for your new server. This is what happens when things are changed when SSH is involved. 


Re: How do I disable SSH?

Thanks for the reply!


Edit/Update: After more research it appears that this type of issue won't be resolved here in the community, so I'll mark it as "Solved".




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Re: How do I disable SSH?



I have just realised you meant disabling SSH on a shared server......omg!!! Are you serious????...........THAT is NOT going to happen anytime soon!!!! I thought you meant for your own site!!!

Smiley Frustrated.................... <BIG SIGH>


Re: How do I disable SSH?


This was marked as "Solved" already and I find your unnecessary response insulting. Pro tip: Don't insult customers simply for asking a question.


Also, it turns out that I simply needed an explanation (which I figured out on my own) for how the "SSH" (Enabled/Disabled) feature in the Control Panel works.


To anyone that happens to stumble upon this thread, no the SSH daemon doesn't get disabled like it did on whatever older GoDaddy hosting platform I was using before being spontaneously upgraded without notification of any kind. Rather, it disables the relevant users in your account from being able to reach the shell, by dropping the connection after they try and login via SSH.


SFTP still works fine, as it should.