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How do I learn what platform I'm on?

I have a website here on GoDaddy where I had another person design it for me and upload it and it works just fine, but I want to know what platform I'm on, or ... maybe that's not the right word ... ?


I keep reading posts and seeing that there is something called Go Central and another thing called Business Website Builder version 7 ... and well, I'm confused.


My designer was asking if I want a new site made in Adobe Experience Design and I want to know if that works with what I've got now. I can't find anything about this here.


Can anyone help explain this to me?

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Super User III

Re: How do I learn what platform I'm on?

Hey there @Ack1 


What's the domain name of your website? Should be easy enough to figure out the rest of the info you need if we have that. 

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Re: How do I learn what platform I'm on?

I am sitting up disqus, they asked what platform am I using? Can you tell me please what that is?

Thank you



Re: How do I learn what platform I'm on?

Hi @givemhellkathy,


Welcome to the Community!

Were you able to get your answer from our customer support team by phone or chat? After logging into the account, you can click on your profile icon in the upper right corner. When clicked, look to the left and choose "My Products". You should be able to see your Hosting and/or Website Builder plans there. If you have one of our website builders, you will not be able to install the Disqus app. You'll want to create your website with our cPanel hosting or Managed WordPress. 





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