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How do i get support?

How can i get support on godaddy?

the live chat is pretty much never online!


There is no ticketing system. My site is running very slow and timed out often.

When i ran a trace, i see that by hop #15 it reaches * and then requests timed out most of the time. Domain purchased and hosted on Godaddy itself.


Any idea how to get a hold of them?

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Hi @jonathand,


I first see your post was approximately two hours ago. Live chat is available Arizona local time 5am to 7pm so when you posted it was 4am and chat guys alarm clock was just ringing and kettle was just switched on............


Phonelines :



Hi, I was wondering too, how to get support through Chat. Sometimes the Chat box will pop up and other times it doesn't. I am within the time frame that you refer to. I have only a cell phone which makes it difficult to use the phone support. Where can I access the Chat box  please?

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hello @Pamp,


Live chat isn't available in all countries. Please search the forum for solutions on this as it has been answered many, many times already.

Thank you!