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How to export mssql database?

Hi, currently , I am having economy web hosting, but how do I export mssql databse to .bak file or other file format which allowe me to restore the databse in my local computer?

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Hi @JonathanWong,

How you go about it depends on the type of site you have, but generically speaking your exported file should be in the '.sql' format. Again depending on your website origins, there will be an option to 'export' a backup file. The best place to download it to for ease and clarity, is your desktop. Nothing worse than a file going somewhere in the wink of an eye.


Oh yes, the prefix of the file should be something relevant. Don't go with the default filename if you have more than one database to backup.


Import is just a reversal using that same file.

This help topic (and related page: "Backing up and Restoring MySQL or MSSQL Databases") should cover it: "Export SQL Server tables".