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How to upgrade Windows Hosting MySQL version to 8.0


Recently i have purchased Windows Hosting Ultimate plan.

I have website with database connectivity. Unfortunately i have developed my database in MySQL 8.0 version. So, got shocked when i see shared hosting MySQL version of 5.5.43.

Then i realized my mistakes, after all i was googled about to upgrade MySQL version at-least to 5.6,

but there was many questions (unanswered) related to upgrade to higher version since 2016.

So i got compromised, because of best support of Godaddy to their customer needs and technology update. 


Is there anyway to change my shared hosting plan to VPS with some additional price? 

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Re: How to upgrade Windows Hosting MySQL version to 8.0

Updating your PHP version is fairly simple @Murugan . Follow the instructions at View or change your PHP version in cPanel hosting. I am just assuming that you are using cPanel hosting? I hope that helps? 


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Re: How to upgrade Windows Hosting MySQL version to 8.0

Thanks @rd ,

1. We had purchased windows shared hosting plan with Plesk Panel from Godaddy.

2. We had developed our web application in MVC with MySQL database through api.

3. We had developed our full database in MySQL v8.0.

4. We successfully deployed our web application in Plesk panel and working.

5. When are ready to configure database, we got stuck with Godaddy, because it has only lower version that is MySQL v5.5.43.

6. There are lot of differences between MySQL 5.5 and MySQL 8.0, so we cannot downgrade our database implementation.

7. And we had chat with Godaddy support person, they told like there is no possible to change MySQL version in shared hosting server, you have to buy VPS or Dedicated server plan.

8. Now we are helpless, because we spent 8000 INR in purchasing plans, is there any way to upgrade our current plan to VPS with some extra charges.