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Html to PDF conversion error after hosting


I'm using Deluxe Windows Web Hosing Plan. I have build my website with web form. In the website I'm using HiQPdf Library for .NET to convert HTML to PDF. Everything works fine in my local server but when I upload in go daddy I'm getting following error:


Error 0x4EC. Check the 'G:\PleskVhosts\.................................\bin\HiQPdf.dep' resource file can be found near the HiQPdf.dll assembly and the user has read and execute permissions for this file. Call SetDepFilePath() method if you placed the HiQPdf.dep in a different location.


As stated in the error HiQPdf.dep' resource file can be found near the HiQPdf.dll, but both of them are in 

Helper II
Helper II

Hi @Dhaka_Printers


   Windows ahhhh have you thought about using Linux 

I never have issues.


      All my software issue I have ever had came from Microsoft 


  I just saying buddy,  and Good luck


  Oh try using Onenote to build your PDF that is the only software I use from Microsoft and it still crashes.




Hello @API


Thanks for your suggestion but I can't use Onenote in my website. All my hosted websites are build with ASP.Net. Since .Net framework belongs to Microsoft so have chosen Windows Hosting to avoid any inconsistency.


However I'm still looking for a solution!