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I Want a Activity Log For My Godaddy Account - How do I Get/Who do i adk?

So i am wanting to get the activity log for my godaddy account itself during a specific date range, with the main focus being around activities of one product.




'MY-Go.D-Account" - 9/1/16 thru 12/1/16 - Activity Log Report

         ( Filters Selected) ● Hosting Product


So i should basically get a log, of every signin i do to the hosting, every change i make to the hosting account itself,

And errors that occur, every auto backup done, if a payment suspension gets triggered.



All that stuff....

How do i get or who do i send this request into? 

Helper VI

@trademarkman I don't think there's such an automated option here. But you can check your account renewal and billing, and your order history.

If that's not enough, you can contact support in order to ask them if there's a way to get that info.


Hope it helps!


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