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Incomplete Access Logs

Are there anybody else experiencing incomplete Access Logs?  I contact support and they look into and fix, but a few days later back to the same problem.  Appears to be a low priority issue.  I wish they had email support.


Is this what you mean ? in the Web Builder Visitor Stats ?

I got onto chat last time this happened and it was fixed.Yay
Happened again -This is the second time this week I got these results
with ????????  in  Web builder 1 
Its not the type of service I expect and pay each month for .



Other services such as Google Ads and Google Analytics are showing web page accesses, but these accesses do not show in our Access Logs.  It is very difficult to audit these other services, This just began May 1st, GoDaddy support when I call seems to do a resolution but only lasts a few days.  I am tired of having to call, it appears to be a server update causing the problem as they do a temporary fix only later to be wiped out by another update.  If they are using third party software, they need to bring this to their attention.

Hey @BusyTraveler. Thanks for posting. I think what you're running into is the difference between how Google Analytics works and how web server logs work. Essentially, Google Analytics is something that is processed client (or browser) side, because it usually uses Javascript to track activity. Web server logging happens on the server as you'd probably guess. Because these two systems are looking at different data, they often produce different results. There is a wealth of information online about this if you do some digging. I found this article which has some good information on it if you want to take a look. 


One other thing to note is that it is possible for there to be difficulties with servers not collecting statistics. However, when this happens, it's almost always NO statistics being recorded at all. If that happens, you'll want to have our care team take a closer look. 


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We appreciate your response, but this problem started May 1st and has
nothing to do with AWstats as that was discontinued many years ago by
GoDaddy. Problem appears to be a parsing issue taking the server daily log
and composing the text based equivalent that we get. GoDaddy appears at
times to fix the problem, but only temporary. Log files do not seem to be
a priority, as they find not to many people actual look at them, which we
found at a time when we were not receiving the files for a bit, GoDaddy
found we were not the only ones having the problem and we were the only one
to report.

@BusyTraveler To clarify, I wasn't suggesting the issue was with AWstats, only that server statistics are often different than Google Analytics statistics, and that could easily explain any variance you're seeing. I'm not sure what issue your account had before, but my guess would be that you were completely missing statistics for a given timeframe rather than statistics not parsing correctly somehow. However, if you have evidence of that, feel free to provide it and I can pass that information on to our product team. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

What I guess is the misunderstanding is I am talking about Access Logs
which includes GETs and POSTs entries, not statistics. True, Google
Analytics is in a script included in the web pages which captures so called
user access, also includes web page entries identified as GoogleAds user.
For the Google Analytics to record, the server should have recorded either
a GET or POST correspondingly. Up to May 1st since we have been tracking
starting in September 2018 matching was at a rate of 95%+ and Access Logs
file sizes were 400k on average. After May 1st sizes fell to around 25% of
these sizes. I called May 13th and discussed the problem and they would
investigate. After a few days files seemed to be restored to previous
levels, but only for a few days. On May 29th, I called again this time
while we were on the phone I emailed a spreadsheet showing discrepancies
between Google and GoDaddy Access Logs for them to analyze. Again after a
few days files seemed to be restored to previous levels and again only for
a few days. Thus appears a patch is applied only to be lost a few days
later with possibly an update to the program that takes the days access log
off the server and parses it into a text log file. So yes I have provided
data on May 29th.