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Incomplete downloads

Hi, I have a site with some large files (between 100-300mb) available for download, and lately everytime I try to download some of them they are always incomplete (between 20-40mb). Various people from around the world told me they can't download my files, and I tested this with different computers and internet providers, and the download always fail. I can download the files correctly only using some download managers.

I have a Linux Hosting Deluxe service, and my site has been online (always on Godaddy) since 2009, and never had problems with downloads.

Any idea?

Helper VI

Hi @maxdis, welcome to the community! 🙂


Can you check this for me?

  1. Log into your cpanel account to see the resource consumption.
  2. Visit your website and start your file download.
  3. Switch to your cpanel account and refresh the page to check consumption again.
  4. Refresh the page and check again.
  5. Refresh the page and check again

Does your I/O gets full?


Hope it helps!


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Hi @jpablo, in my cpanel summary there is a very small green bar, and a 0GB / writing, both for the bandwidth and disk space usage; if I click on them, the graphs are totally empty, and it reads "Peak usage: 0.00mb" for the current billing cycle (that's not possible).

I tried to download some files, and after the refresh nothing has changed in the resources graph, they're always empty.