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Installing Applicaiton to Subdomain

If this has been addressed, please direct me. I searched and saw nothing with the answers I need.


I have been a long time GoDaddy customer but am just getting around to building out some parts of my website. One of the recent projects was to establish a subdomain and to install MediaWiki on it.


I have successfully accomplished half of this mission. The subdomain is up and working. I am able to create a generic index.html and see the page displayed when visiting the subdomain.


The issue comes when I try to install an application. Upon installation, I select the subdomain  as required and the location automatically populates with the root directory of the subdomain as expected. Once I get the notification that the installation is complete, I see no application when I browse to the subdomain and I see no files installed in the directory. So while the control panel thinks that the application is installed, it is not.


I've checked permissions of the subdomain's root directory to confirm it matches the domain's root directory permissions, and I've tried this several times to no avail. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Installing Applicaiton to Subdomain

Hi @grap3ap3,


first of all make sure that the application is supported on your hosting platform. A quick chat with support can confirm or deny this. Not all applications are supported on shared hosting for example.




Re: Installing Applicaiton to Subdomain

Thanks for the input! 


It turns out this was strictly a function of my legacy hosting. I upgraded the hosting platform and now everything installed as expected. Thanks for the help!