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Internal Server Error 500 No response from subprocess ( (cpanel)): The subprocess ended prematurel

Hello all,

I want to move my website (IPB) to GoDaddy. I copied  file folders from my present site to GoGaddy server, imported my present database via cpanel and when I upload the database file it keeps hanging there until this message comes up... Any idea what is going on and how I can fix this?


Internal Server Error


No response from subprocess ( (cpanel)): The subprocess ended prematurely because it received the “ALRM” (14) signal.


Helper III

Hello @Janneke,


I have noticed this issue does not have much support online, so bare with me while track down the error from these cpanel script files.

$> /scripts/
restartsrv_mailman transfermysqlusers restartsrv_httpd restartsrv_cpsrvd restartsrv_exim restartsrv_postgresql restartsrv_pdns restartsrv_nsd restartsrv_crond hulk-unban-ip wwwacct restartsrv_cpipv6 upcp.static restartsrv_cpanellogd restartsrv_apache_php_fpm createacct restartsrv_mysql restartsrv_cphulkd restartsrv_base restartsrv_cpanel_php_fpm restartsrv_rsyslog restartsrv_dnsadmin restartsrv_mydns restartsrv_p0f restartsrv_cpdavd restartsrv_tailwatchd updatenow.static restartsrv_spamd restartsrv_ipaliases restartsrv_queueprocd restartsrv_sshd restorepkg restartsrv_pureftpd restartsrv_clamd restartsrv_cpgreylistd restartsrv_proftpd removeacct restartsrv_nscd restartsrv_dovecot
please note that, i offer direct support that is in no way associated with GoDaddy's regular support channels; but, for immediate technical support you can contact me at:

Forgive me Richard, I woud not know what to do with the list you have provided?

Do I need to check or do anything?