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Is Mysql accessible outside website

I am planning to get beginners linux shared hosting for my custom android App. I want to know is mysql database are accesible from outside website like desktop software for management and If i can connect my custom app.

Helper II

This depends on many factors. Here's your list of things to check.


1) Does whatever account/service you've purchased from GoDaddy allow this.


2) Setup credentials (db host/name/user/pass) for you to access your database. The dbhost in this case will be the IP where you're connecting from.


3) Warning: This should only be done over SSL, which means...


4) You must setup MySQL/MariaDB SSL connections, if your account/service allows this.


In general, if you're writing a hobby app then GoDaddy hosting may be sufficient.


If you're writing an App you expect to succeed wildly + generate your income, then best look at dedicated hosting + hire an admin.