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Long time customer but know bugger all

I have had a domain name with godaddy for more then 10 years, I have just used it to redirect to my small free web space my ISP supplys (TPG Internet). I never thought to check before till recently when my homepage stopped loading and the question is.. Do I have any webspace with my subscription on godaddy that I can use or is that some extra fee. I barely know much about HTML and when it comes to this hosting stuff it's all over my head with terms I don't understand. My ISP offers 30mb of space, I struggle to manage anything with that. I have for a short time run my homepage off my PC but I am not a fan of opening ports to the web when I know little about it. 

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Hi @skozzy,

you would have to purchase a hosting plan to complement your domain name. There are quite a few choices depending on your desired platform (Wordpress, website builder etc). You would be best advised employing someone to build your site if you know as little as you say. Though Wordpress shouldn't be difficult at that level of geekiness ( I made that word up). 

A good chat with support would be a really good choice too..