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Migrating From Local to Godaddy Hosting



I've been working on a Mac creating my site locally and now I have a new windows laptop and want to host it. I've just purchased a hosting plan with Godaddy and I'm unable to get past the point of using my "site credit" to either create a new site or migrate another one. 


Couple of issues with this:

- migrating a site require input of a site url (which i do not have)

- creating a site from scratch requires a new wordpress account to be create (and I've already got one with a premium theme attached to it!)

- am I correct in thinkng I can even use a system with godaddy?






You migrate a site when you have a domain and your website online, that's it when we read on godaddy about the migrating service.
If you have coded your theme using WP and now you just wanna upload it, then you need "wordpress hosting +domain" or "website hosting + domain" then just upload the theme via FTP, then you will need to login and type in your wordpress credentials (user&pass)

Ok thanks. 


In the end, I created a new wp account and I'll just remake the site using the old as reference.