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Migrating Website, Domain and Email to GoDaddy


I am moving a website over to GoDaddy. I have successfully created an account and moved the DB and the application over. Everything is working fine. However, I have the domain registered somewhere else and resolving to the current production site (NOT GoDaddy). I would like to know the proper steps to move everything over?

Transfer Domain?

Update DNS?

MX Records? What happens to email?

I am assuming there will be a bit of downtime.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @jdrew


Thank you for your post. To begin I recommend you first update the Nameservers on the domain to point to the Godaddy Nameservers. This will ensure that the domain is reading from the DNS at GoDaddy. 


After this process has been done, at that time you will want to consider moving the domain over by means of a domain transfer. In most cases you will not be able to modify the domain settings during transfer ( usually a 7-10 day process) so be sure that everything is pointed properly before finalizing the transfer of the domain. 


If you are not using an email service with GoDaddy, before updating to the GoDaddy Namerservers, be sure to update the MX records in the GoDaddy zone file to ensure that once the domain is pointed, you will have minimal down time. 


Hope this helps!


Great! This is perfect.