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Moved from shared hosting to Deluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel and getting Fwrite error

So I just moved from other hosting and one thing doesnt work


and now i get this error


Notice: fwrite(): send of 7 bytes failed with errno=1 Operation not permitted in


Any idea how can I fix it ?


Community Team
Community Team

Hi @valky, can you give us a few more details about the type of hosting you're using, and what type of hosting you moved from?  Can you also link us over to the URL that's displaying the error?  You're likely to get more responses once everyone has a better understanding of your situation.  Thanks.



Type of Hosting: Deluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel



I moved from a shared hosting with i think less features than this one.. It had many downtimes so I had to find something better...

See php - fwrite() not permitted, but phpinfo() says it should be - Stack Overflow and PHP fwrite() to socket - operation not permitted? - Stack Overflow. Probably either the IP address is not correct or your hosting plan is not permitted to use sockets.


I can't help much with any of that; I just did a Google search but I notice that the error message you are getting says Minecraft.

Yes is a small script (link) to query the players playing on my minecraft server  thats all... i was able to do that from the other hosting, how can I ask godaddy to let me use it for it ? i dont think it could cause  much  touble... or is there a way for me to activate it on my cpanel ?