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Moving from longtime GoDaddy economy WP hosting to GoDaddy economy managed WP hosting (questions)

I have never had a problem with GoDaddy economy Word Press hosting for my two websites.  They have never been down once in many years.


They are now charging me $9.99 a month for economy hosting. 


I called them on the price increase and they said they could migrate the sites to economy "Managed hosting" and if I did it for 3 years it would be $4 a month instead of the now $9.99 a month. That is a significant savings over 3 years for 2 sites.


Are there any problems with managed hosting I should be aware of.  Will it be a smooth transition with no problems?  My sites are parked destination sites with little traffic.  They do have a couple of embedded videos from my Vimeo site.  Could migration adversely affect those videos on the WP site?


Should I have the same ease of use with managed WordPress hosting, with no problems,  that I did with the normal  economy hosting which for me was flawless?


Or is this a bad idea?





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Migrating WordPress installs to new platforms is relatively easy and maintains your permalink structure so that any rankings or inbound links will still be valid.  So that is not a concern.


Managed hosting, in my view, is better because the environment caters to WordPress'  unique resource, database and security requirements. 


No one can predict the future, or what issues may or may not arise as you work on your site.  If only there were such a gazing ball and guarantee.  😉





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