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My Site is on and off slow - Godaddy no help

For last 2- 3 days i am experiencing very slow site ( )and also i am seeing very slow to get in to admin site and do anything.


I am using Wordpress latest version.

Only plugin that is active is WP Ecommerce


I called godaddy and they are not much help. They are keep killing processes and then not much help. Anyone experiencing same?


I will appreciate some help to find what is wrong.



I am seeing from 5 to 10 processes in System Process area. Is it normal or how to interpret? They all are web/cgi-bin/pho5_3 with Memory of 142 MB each. Any suggestions?

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I just tried to find your site....... no luck, not until I did a domain name search here with Godaddy, where it's for sale. Check that you didn't let it expire.