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My site goes down all the time

I bought a shared web host here on godaddy about 2 weeks ago and since day1 I have had problems with loading the wordpress website (that is only index page). It goes down every couple minutes for some minutes and then back up again and this is what its doing all the time. First they did not believe me as everything looked fine so I installed pingdom and showed them and then was the answer "yeah we have problems with the server we will fix it now" etc.
Ive been in contact with the support like 5 or more times and its always the same sugar answers that they will of course fix it and after spending 1 hour on support they telling me its fixed and then and hour later or so its the same problem. The last support adviser today told me that they are working on the problem and it will soon be fixed and that he cant do much more, its been like this for 2 weeks, its ridiculous! And my suggestion was to move me to another server as they have so much problem with this one but that was not possible as they "dont have control over the servers" was the answer from support! WHAT!?

Is there no one higher up in the chain of support that can help me or do I need to move the website to another host, wonder if they give my money back?

I am also getting same problem. when I contact the support team, they only told me that everything is fine.