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My site keeps just disappearing

How is it my site keeps just disappearing? Nothing has changed on Godaddy web hosting and nothing with AWS DNS. Same setup as always yet at least once a month the URL to my site will just return a blank screen which requires me to call into Godaddy support to have them go through some logs and configuration to have it working again. How is this different than me hosting a server over DSL out of my home?


BTW, a site that is unavailable is normally not that great for business, SEO, etc. which is why most hosting companies speak about uptime, dependability, reliability


You guys have the worst reputation on the industry and as a Chief Marketing Officer of a software company I can say WELL DESERVED!! Your tagline should be – hey, half the service for double the money – bring lube!


How do I fix this issue or is it time to migrate everything to a real service i.e. like a PC in my home running over DSL – how can it be worse?


Re: My site keeps just disappearing

I totally disagree.


I would say that Godaddy is the best web hosting company.


I am saying this because I am using their web hosting since 2013. The uptime they provide is better than all the other top hosting providers.


I host all of my sites with them and recently moved one more site i.e to Godaddy's platform and it is working fine. No Downtime.


Please check if your website is well coded and optimized.


If it will use heavy resources, it will go slow down.