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My website is not working!

Hi everyone,


I made set up everything but my website is not working, i couldn't find a solution, i have an another website from Singapore i mean Asia server, that is working well without any problem but my another website is is not working. I'm getting error like ''The page isn't working'' with HTTP 500 error.


My customer is waiting, I would be very pleased if someone help.


Best regards.





I forgot something to say,


Everything is looking fine on my Dashboard, i mean Domain and Hosting are saying everything work perfectly.


Also i uploaded all my wordpress files in public_html too, that's why couldn't find a any solution guys.

Is this a wordpress or custom site?
~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

It is a Wordpress website, i didn't choose Wordpress hosting, i think we don't need for that right?


Also my another website is same, i'm using that web hosting with Wordpress and that's working very well.


And i looked today and my website is still not working.