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My website loads default homepage rather than index.html

Please Help,

I installed free CA ssl certificate from cloud flare and installed it on my hosting server on godaddy. I wrote some code on .htaccess file to get redirected to https as my website was loading on http. Everything was successful, my website was showing green lock, but the page that was shown is the default homepage saying "Future home...". 


My website is


My email


Hi @tusharshivan, thanks for posting.

I couldn't say what might have happened. You may want to double check your files via FTP and ensure that your files are still named correctly and still in your root directory for the site.

If the files are there, you might want to temporarily disable or remove the .htaccess file to see if that is causing a conflict.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thank you Gary for giving your time

I did all the steps you asked me to do, but still the problem persists.

I even talked to the godaddy agents but any of their suggestions did not worked!
They asked me to change name server to them (godaddy) because my name server was pointed to cloudflare.

Any clues?
Please help

Hey @tusharshivan,


Looks like you were able to get this worked out on your end as I'm showing the site resolve to your index.html page. Would you mind sharing what you did so other members who might encounter a similar issue will have a suggestion on what to try on their end as well?


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thank you for your time,
But I just removed my certificate from my server and I just undid all the things I did in the hosting server.

I wasn't able to solve the issues neither I got any help from the internet, I guess I have to learn from scratch about SSL.

My website is back but without SSL 😞

Ohh and can you please tell me, my website doesn't show up on Google but it shows up in any other search engines like Bing, would you mind helping me?