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MySQL over limit

GoDaddy shut down my site, i got letter 


"As it states in the Hosting Terms of Service, the acceptable size thresholds for MySQL databases on your shared hosting plan are 1,000 MB (1 GB) and 1,000 tables.

Due to this, it became necessary to disable further growth of the following:

DB_NAME (2.68 GB & 137 Tables)"


But phpMyAdmin says than db is only 479MB.


Any idea?


Hey @Casper


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Since you're referring to an account specific notification from our network teams, you'll want to reach out to our live support so our hosting team can help review what happened. Because this is a public forum, no one here is going to have access to the account to discuss what happened. 


Hopefully you get this worked out with our teams quickly. Let us know how it goes. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

There is some ticket system for customers? because i already call to local phone number, but it's not working.